Thursday, September 4, 2008

September Spring Cleaning

1st of September saw the start of a new me, as I began a series of BodyWork sessions with two incredible body workers who look at, and treat, the whole 'You'. The physical and the unseen meta-physical realms.
My connection with these two, began back in June, at The Channon market, where they spied my hats out on display, ( one of their infrequent outings), before I headed off to the Beaniefest. They asked me if I'd be interested in a barter of their services in exchange for hats for them.
We spoke again at the August market, about what styles and colours etc. and they emailed me their head sizes.
I began their hats,
Branwen's new hat ??? QJ's new hat ???
and they rang to suggest Monday 1pm for my first session.
I nearly didn't make it as I was having a very emotional day, and trying to drive the 1 1/2 hour journey around this beautiful caldera to their place on the outer eastern side, with eyes blinded by tears was extemely hard.
I sent them a text message, to cancel, and they repied, "Sounds like you need to come even more", so I took a "deep breath" and managed to see thru my recurrent tears.
QJ said when I arrived, that people often had 'things come up' like me , on the day of their appointment. They'd be more worried if nothing showed up, this would mean you were really locked up.
So although I couldn't get my words out at first, they asked questions and expressed what they were intuitively picking up from me. and I was soon able to verbally fill them in on my background. I ended up telling them a long and convoluted story, which helped them see and understand where my physical troubles originated from, and what they needed to do to 'free' me up from things linked in some strange way to one or more of my past lives.
This tied in with the stories of my life.
They then worked on me in tandem, one doing the deep and often painful or ticklish, the other doing very soothing and nurturing work. It was the most amazing massage/bodywork that I have experienced, (of which there has been a lot).
I felt totally nurtured and gifted from their caring ministrations, and it felt wonderful to be receiving such care.
Afterward we shared a cup of chai, and chatted on for a while, relaxing. I left and blissfully strolled around the nearby Crystal Castle's gardens, in a state of 'newness'.
At home late I felt tired and my body was aching a bit.
Having gone to sleep quite early, I found myself awake at 3:15 am, my time of birth, and one quite related to the issues being worked on that day. I had quite a headache and my hips were aching, I felt terrible all over, but as I lay in bed, rolled this way and that, I experienced what I call an etheric Hands-On. I could sense the Presence of QJ and Branwen, as if their hands were working on me again, and signs and sounds of 'release' kept up for an hour and a half. I went with it and watched the whole process, til I went back to sleep.
In the morning I awoke with the headache eased, which you'd think is the normal way, after sleep, although recently I have often awoken still with the headache I went to sleep with! Also, my body was no longer aching,sore, or afflicted with the qroin pulling hip injury, I was able to walk without pain for the first time in 4 years.
It still possibly needs another session, but in the next one I believe they will be able to tackle another of my long term physical problems.
What a good start to Spring, I feel like I have new spring to my life, maybe I'll be able to dance freely again soon.