Sunday, July 26, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Dad ..... Thanks for my Genes

Happy Birthday to my dad Ian who would have been 87 today, he would love that I have continued onto to be the family photographer, and would enjoy these photos. He would have also enjoyed the wondrous world of digital photography, that we are blessed with today. He would be amazed that we can shoot straight into the sun like this, and thanks to the high ice crystal cloud, capture a glorious Carona around the sun.....

I have always heard about Glory Bows, but I had never been fortunate enough to see on. Last month, I found myself in one, on my morning walk up the ridge above us .... truly magical to dance in one, utterly Glorious !

Ian was a phenomenal scientist, a Bacteriologist, a Virologist and a Micro-Biologist .... a real mouthful for me to say in Grade One, when asked "What does your dad do ?) I wish I'd known I could just say Scientist ! 
Aaaaaah  ........    finally ....I have been able to work out how to gain access back into my original blog.... it has been over a year..... ( I made a new blog with a new email, then couldn't sign in to this one.... mustta been too fatigued to work it out... which I have now finally and easily worked out ....)

So before I make a huge long interesting post..... this is a test page
 The new Rainbow Chai Tent at The Canberra Tent Embassy Canberra Feb 2015