Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day AND Survival Day

Hi all,
yes it's That Day again, Australia Day January 26th, the day the Invasion of Australia began when the British Planted the Flag and claimed it for the Queen and Britain.

This is my mum, waving one of Benny Zable's flags down in Canberra a few years ago on January 26th,
in Garema Place before we all marched back to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.
Don't you love this flag !!

But despite it's dubious origins it is a day to celebrate Australia, and like many of my friends in the Australian Etsy street Team DUST (DownUnderStreetTeam)

Read the Storque Article about Australia's Dust Team Members  Here 

I am offering a Special Sale today only........I am offering to sell one of my 'Signature Beanies' The Sunset Silhouette' for a bargain price of $100.00

They have sold for $180.00 and recently in my etsy shop I have had it at $150.00

'Tho, since I actually donated this particular hat the other night to an Art Action at a Fundraiser for one of our Greens MLC Ian Cohen, (facing a $1M Court Costs, for calling a Developer a Bully and a Thug !!!)............

I think I will change the listing to this one instead also a sunset silhouette, but with a Whale playing in the southern Ocean off the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia,
Quite appropriate at this time with the Australian Protest of The Sea Shepherd in Antarctic Waters.

Monday, January 25, 2010

One World One Heart 2010 Giveaway

Welcome to my blog and another One World One Heart magical event

 Feb 17th Update
And the Winner is #157 Jan of QuiltSmiles of the Aidironack Mountains, (sp?)

OK today is the day you can all step onto this Magic Carpet, and Journey all over the world.
Come and meet new people and see what they do in life.

I am offering a painting from the amazing area I live in, an extinct volcano Caldera, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere !

I haven't painted it yet, but will begin soon, my blogpost below this one, and after my first early post about OWOH, has some paintings I am working on at the moment.

Any suggestions of which landscape I should make for this giveaway is most welcome. There are a few more Work in Progress paintings further down the blog.

The giveaway will be painted on high quality paper and sent between some cardboard or in a roll tube.

This giveaway is open to all Bloggers taking part in this Magical One World One Heart journey.
Please leave a comment and a link to your blog so I can easily find you, and read all about you.
This is where I live .....just below the mist, on the left hand side where you can see a tree appearing out of the mist.

This may be the view of my next painting and some lucky person will receive a mini version of this to hang on their wall. I call this the 'Mystic Lake' of Mt Warning.

Also there are these two other blogs The Rainbow Chai Tent and  ArtNomadix Tales ( in which I plan to start detailing some of the amazing stories from some of my journeys soon)

A sneak preview of the first stage of the painting as of 7th Feb.

Ok I have now updated this post to show the nearly completed painting, I am starting on another variation so that I will have one painting as 'Field Notes' for the larger canvas that I will paint one day.

The second one is starting out a bit differently with the horizon line pushed up a bit higher.
Thankyou everyone for their comments on this post, which as of now at 9:30pm on Feb. 15th Australian time, has closed.
I will endeavour to visit more of the wonderful blogs that have taken part in this years OWOH. I will do my random number drawing tomorrow as there is a large thunderstorm rolling down our  ridge at present and it is time to switch of my computer.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here are 3 mini panoramas that I am in the process of painting, one of these views could be what I will paint for my One World One Heart giveaway this year, either on good quality paper or a canvas board, for ease of sending from Australia. It is now the 24th and I still haven't started on it but I will asap

Monday, January 11, 2010

One World One Heart

Hello all, step on the magic carpet for a journey into other people's lives, come meet folk from all around the world, and let them into yours.
(Wooops just found out this is 10 days early, for some reason I had the 15th in mind as the date.....at least that gives me more time to start painting my giveaway, lol)

Welcome to my blog which has grown a bit since my first involvement with the very interesting One World One Heart giveaway.

Maybe not many posts, but some quite lengthy posts about by life and art. I was 'caught up' and busy with a protest last year, and all I have learnt about connecting online, was very useful.

But it didn't leave me much time for other online pursuits, such as returning to the interesting blogs I found in last years OWOH. Hopefully this year I will be able to spend more time reading.

At the moment, I am thinking that my Giveaway this year will be a painting, a landscape of this beautiful area and it's dramatic weather. I haven't painted it yet, as I get this post ready on the 11 /01/10, (Hmmmm interesting numbers !), but I will commence soon and I will blog about it's progress, as it occurs.

If there are any views in here, or here that you think would be good as the painting to be selected, please let me know,

Last year I arranged to send out three giveaways, getting carried away in the fun of it, only to find , when I came to send them, that they were quite heavy, and the cost of postage overseas, was quite high. Luckily for me the third person selected by Random Generator, never got back to me with her mailing address, so I only had to send out two.

I have enjoyed finally getting back into my art on canvas recently, while we have had some pleasantly cool weather, a break from heat and high humidity thru October, November, and up until just before christmas.

For the last two years my energy has been nearly non-existent, as I battle with fibroids and the energy drain they inflict on me. So my creative energy wanes with my lack of physical energy. I am considering buying a Magnetic Pulsing machine to try and 'fix' all the various ailments, currently assailing me........and become once again a vibrant artist capable of boundless energy.

If you would like to see the art wares in my shop have a look in here, and if you would just like to see some other photos of some stunning weather and the like Click here.

Please leave a comment about in the post posted on the 25th of January to be included in the give away.......something you have read in here, or another post, and don't forget to also include a way you can be contacted or your email.

For those of you who don't know about the 'One World One Heart' give away please click here , or on the Magic Carpet picture at the top of this post.

I will draw my winner on the 15th of February Australian Time so 14th US time is the cut off time, to leave me a comment and a link.

Have fun meeting a wide variety of people.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunrise Silhouettes

Nothing could be cuter than a newborn in a stunning sunrise silhouette shirt, or could there......???

What about an 80 year old bear rock and tree climbing in a sunrise shirt .......

Check out 'Bobby' he is just as active as my 79 year old mother, who inherited this bear from a neighbour after he died at a tragically young age.

Both the shirts are available from my etsy shop and are 'On Sale' for the month of January, as part of the DUST Team's Brand New sale