Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 Beanies to make in 3 weeks Challenge

Right.......  today before lunch, I have made hat number one ....not in my usual style..... whilst cleaning up some
of my artistic 'clutter' I found some sample 'Flower' crochets I was playing with a few months back, and decided to combine them together into a 'normal' ie.  non-pointy hat, and Voila ! here is hat #1

Do you like my new hat model ?

OK I have briefly checked my emails, done alittle more houeswork (!)  and Now I'll start Hat #2 

I read a comment on the Beaniefest web page, from last year, that people wanted some cheaper hats ...so that is what I am going to aim for ...... cheaper price, but still colourful and unique ??

Here are hats #2 and #3 and it's still light outside, so I'm about to start on Hat #4 .....These will receive some embellishments later .....

Monday, April 29, 2013

Mad Beanieologist Books Tickets to Beaniefest !!

Yay ! After a 4 year absence, I am once again heading out to Alice Springs this June for a week of Beanie Madness. 

2010 Theme 'A Head Full of Love' 

Just booked my flights, via Melbourne on the 17th for an overnight stop,  at my niece's flat ?, or a friends place ?, and a little Opp Shop 'fix' hehe.
2011 Theme 'In Our Element, Earth Wind Fire Water'

This year's theme is 'Friendship - Of The Heart'

I haven't quite finished my second entry hat, still working on the fine detail, but my first entry is for the Tea Cosy section, The Sister to Beanies. I have made it out of my very first felted beanie that I made in '92 or '93, and old trusty 'friend',and according to a new friend made last Saturday, I have 'Channeled' my Elders, in the two figures, needle-felted into the top ....... (and it can still be worn as a hat)

I am already excited, and now have just 3 weeks to make 20 or 30 new beanies for Beanie Central, as I will be there as a volunteer.
I made one of them today, and finished another....  tomorrow I plan to make three more.
I love having target dates, to motivate me......... 

Later on in the year (Date TBA) I am putting on a Textile Exhibition with a friend, to which we may invite some other textile artists to join.

Originally we thought September or October, but tonight when she phoned, we discussed having it slightly earlier, while it is still cool.  

Whenever it is, it is still a date in the near future, for me to have insight, and 'InTouch' with my many textile projects that I am working on simultaneously. I find it works well  to leave various projects 'sit awhile', as I 'muse' on the creative processes involved with each piece,

If I worked just on one piece, from'start' to 'finish', before allowing myself to 'start a new piece, I may not have had time to 'allow' the 'Spirit' of the piece to Evolve.  

Hmmm I quite like 'InTouch With Art' as a name for a Textile Exhibition

Monday, April 22, 2013

New Beginnings

Artwork needs creative energy ...... Creative Energy needs vital life energy ......... and passion !

I am regaining my Energy ...... I  'Will' my Creative Energy, back into the Vibrancy of my younger self  ...... I will conquer the Fatigue that has been sapping the life out of me for 4 years

Back to Blog Week

Testing Testing Testing ..... I can  finally post in here again !! after a long spell where none of my posts would publish ??

I had decided to overhaul my blog, or start a fresh one and saved all the old posts etc to copy the important ones to new blog.....then I also decided to try a new format with this one when I couldn't actually re-post into the new blog ( nothing would publish!) 

Then I couldn't access my blog .....  I had to make new passwords, forgot the new passwords? or they/something wouldn't work??  Aiiieeeh ! it was an online nightmare, nothing I tried worked, so I have just left it by the by.....

Today a friend has returned to writing in her blog after along break after being 'blog bullied', and so I made a comment, went to post it,got directed to Log In, typed in new password, it 'Worked' this time ! ....lost the comment posted on friend's blog!   .......  but found out I have access back in here ! ........(fingers crossed)