Saturday, June 25, 2011

15th Annual Beaniefest @ Alice Springs

My 'Mother Earth with First Breath' hat has won the Champion Elements category for this years Beaniefest's theme In our Element : Earth Fire Air and Water
 It started off with the sky and the clouds...... and as I worked down I just had to finish it off as a newborn baby sized hat, as it just looked so cute at that size, I couldn't imagine spoiling it.

 It sat for a few months as I began a couple of 'volcano' hats to go beneath it.... but neither of them was going to work as they'd be hidden.

Finally with time getting shorter, I decided on a second sky hat with a central hole for the mother's hair to cascade like a waterfall, and attach the baby's 'First Breath' with a crochet Dragonfly Brooch, never having crocheted with wire before! Having created the first one I realised I'd need two more to secure the baby  Breath of Sky  hat ....( they were great fun to make )

Living in an extinct volcanic Caldera made me wish to include Mt Warning into my hat around the brim there are two active volcanos either side of Mt Warning and then two mountains of earthy rock to their sides.
I really love being involved in the AliceSprings Beaniefest, as it really stretches my creativity each year !