Sunday, December 14, 2008

Off toThe Channon Market today, it is a beautiful looking morning, albeit a hot looking day, it is perfect at the moment. Here's some pix of my new studio, transforming from a many carpeted floor space, with very white walls cabin, to a space where I can feel inspired to create.......wonders.

Glad I painted this shelving into a pale blue instead of the lime green it was when I got it from the Tip Shop a while ago, for my sister to use while she was in the cabin temporarily. She didn't like the colour either, but never got around to painting it. Now the colour is provided by my materials for my sewing. Don't you just love the new 'concrete carpet' !!!
Back late tonight, have de-activated most of my hats from my shop for the day, but they'll be back.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Largest 'Canvas' Ever

Well after starting off emptying the space, of furniture and rugs, I had a huge 'canvas', to paint !
The Floor. !!
When the 'Shed House' was converted/updated to 'The Cabin', the concrete floor was painted a light blue/grey colour.
It hasn't worked well, for the stains and scratches, make it look grubby, even when clean.

So, as I prepare to move in to have a live in Studio of Fixed abode, and taking out the carpets and rugs of old and recycled nature to clean the floor, I decided, that a fresh paint job, was called for.

And being summer, I'd only need some rugs for a while, till winter cold, will call for more carpets to be found and acquired by then.
A quick look in the shed end, (1 quarter of space is now behind a wall), and I found 6 pots of paint, that should do the job, Yaay!!
Brunswick Green with White, Blue with White and Gold, don't know if I'll use the Orange as yet , or the silvery blue spray can, but we'll see later on....

The next thing was to make some 'Brushes',
luckily I didn't, remember, to throw out in the recent Hard Rubbish collection, these bits of foam, I had cut up for hat rims, back in early 2007, down in Tassie, and the old plastic, Under Bed Container, that used to hold our Hand Painted T-Shirts, before they started breaking up. This, is to be my paint mixing pallette, The pieces of bamboo, we used to use for display coat-hangers, for our Sunset Silhouette Shirts.
The weather was extremely Hot and Humid, luckily I had some fans to stand in front of periodically
After working all around the edges, using a piece of cardboard to shield the skirting boards, I them began to cover the floor wih the first colour of a jade green, using one of the foam and bamboo brushes.
As I worked, the foam, began to deteriate, making an even more random shape to my sploches, which is what I wanted. I nearly spent time at the beginning, making the foam covered ends more varigated, I'm glad I didn't bother, as it wasn't needed at all.

I would spread the density of paint around,as I refreshed the brush with more paint, working until brush became paler and paler, I think I will also paint my crocs in this manner too, when I finish off tomorrow...... I left lots of narrow pathways, so I could walk easily around for the second coat....... The humidity was rising as the weather outside was building to a Thunder Storm........
I nearly used this long 'brush first off, but I'm glad I used it second, as itprovides a wonderful contrast. It is the old squeegee mop which we are about to throw out, having bought a new one on Monday !!
This is what it looked like before I started
And this is how it finished up at the end of the day, with more to come tomorrow, when I start with the Gold, top layer.
I'm thinking I'll also paint the Fridge, and maybe the cupboard doors at some time in the future too, in a different style. I've also got two bookshelves that need painting and a Secretaire, that I bought at a Garage Sale a while ago.
I wonder how it will look tomorrow when I finish with the Gold and maybe the Silver/Blue ???

And I can't wait now to paint the shelves and secretaire, which I have been meaning to paint for months and months !!!!!