Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Largest 'Canvas' Ever

Well after starting off emptying the space, of furniture and rugs, I had a huge 'canvas', to paint !
The Floor. !!
When the 'Shed House' was converted/updated to 'The Cabin', the concrete floor was painted a light blue/grey colour.
It hasn't worked well, for the stains and scratches, make it look grubby, even when clean.

So, as I prepare to move in to have a live in Studio of Fixed abode, and taking out the carpets and rugs of old and recycled nature to clean the floor, I decided, that a fresh paint job, was called for.

And being summer, I'd only need some rugs for a while, till winter cold, will call for more carpets to be found and acquired by then.
A quick look in the shed end, (1 quarter of space is now behind a wall), and I found 6 pots of paint, that should do the job, Yaay!!
Brunswick Green with White, Blue with White and Gold, don't know if I'll use the Orange as yet , or the silvery blue spray can, but we'll see later on....

The next thing was to make some 'Brushes',
luckily I didn't, remember, to throw out in the recent Hard Rubbish collection, these bits of foam, I had cut up for hat rims, back in early 2007, down in Tassie, and the old plastic, Under Bed Container, that used to hold our Hand Painted T-Shirts, before they started breaking up. This, is to be my paint mixing pallette, The pieces of bamboo, we used to use for display coat-hangers, for our Sunset Silhouette Shirts.
The weather was extremely Hot and Humid, luckily I had some fans to stand in front of periodically
After working all around the edges, using a piece of cardboard to shield the skirting boards, I them began to cover the floor wih the first colour of a jade green, using one of the foam and bamboo brushes.
As I worked, the foam, began to deteriate, making an even more random shape to my sploches, which is what I wanted. I nearly spent time at the beginning, making the foam covered ends more varigated, I'm glad I didn't bother, as it wasn't needed at all.

I would spread the density of paint around,as I refreshed the brush with more paint, working until brush became paler and paler, I think I will also paint my crocs in this manner too, when I finish off tomorrow...... I left lots of narrow pathways, so I could walk easily around for the second coat....... The humidity was rising as the weather outside was building to a Thunder Storm........
I nearly used this long 'brush first off, but I'm glad I used it second, as itprovides a wonderful contrast. It is the old squeegee mop which we are about to throw out, having bought a new one on Monday !!
This is what it looked like before I started
And this is how it finished up at the end of the day, with more to come tomorrow, when I start with the Gold, top layer.
I'm thinking I'll also paint the Fridge, and maybe the cupboard doors at some time in the future too, in a different style. I've also got two bookshelves that need painting and a Secretaire, that I bought at a Garage Sale a while ago.
I wonder how it will look tomorrow when I finish with the Gold and maybe the Silver/Blue ???

And I can't wait now to paint the shelves and secretaire, which I have been meaning to paint for months and months !!!!!


carmel said...

Wow!! That looks fantastic. Can't wait for next the installment.

helena / little mo said...

that's very cool! i can't believe you did all that by yourself!!

ArtNomadix said...

Thanks ! I was fun and quite easy with all the furniture out. It feels so much better with bare feet than it did before, and is such a good camoflage for an art studio ! hehe