Friday, November 28, 2008

I've re -found my Creative Energy

This is the farm I am looking after for 10 days. The first 2 days were filled with rain, nearly constantly. A really good excuse to watch a few DVD's while I get some work done.
I had made these two crocheted, over sized hats and fulled them down in the washing machine. The first one, made before I'd deciphered the 'weird' pattern was still too large to ever be a hat, so earmarked it for a bag. But they have sat unfinished for ages!
Now, here in a 'new space', and on my own, I have a 'freedom' I haven't known for what seems, like years !

This is one of my temporary work stations

Also I was not able to be online for those two days, until I worked out the ways of using the house computer so look what I have been doing instead.....

This is one side of my freeform needle felting, which I have no idea as yet, what it is going to end up as/ If by a miracle, I get it finished into something, or close to, I will give it to a talented local musician, who turns 21 tomorrow. Something stylish for her to wear or carry as she travels the world's music venues. Lokk out for Camilla Hadgkins, the eldest of 7 kids who along with Dad Bob make up The Perch Creek Family Jug Band.
Camilla won a scholarship, years ago and went down to Sytdney to study at The Conservatorium. High School, She used to busk with her Harp, made by father Bob, at all the local markets and had her first CD out at 15, or so ! They're having a big party over the weekend with bands playing and lots of freeform music !

And this is The Pinacle, which towers up behind the house. It's a peninsula of land, that sweeps down from the Border Ranges, the western rim of the Caldera. The track down across and up to the tip is very narrow in places, and they have even semi-closed the track now, I think. Haven't been out on it for years. My partner and I used to camp further back along the rim at Black Butt Lookout. our most favorite breakfast balcony in the Life of a Nomad! The sun came out today ! but there are thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow. Went out mushrooming again this afternoon Mmmmm, mushroom omlette for tea!

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