Saturday, November 8, 2008

About DUST sheet for DUSTer's

Here is a sheet for interested DUSTer's to copy and print on the back of Anna aka Petit Palais' sheet on About Etsy flyer, if I can work out how to attach it or link it. Here's hoping....... I will be away all tomorrow at The Channon Market, leave early get home round midnight, long, long day, but lots of fun serving chai, washing cups and dancing to the drums (little bit only for these injured bones).

Don't think this has worked, but will post it and see if it corrects itself.

No it didn't like all the html text at the beginning so I kept deleting every thing it didn't like which was the Dust banner and then squashed the two long flyers into one repeated list, I'll have to learn how to share it with you all.

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