Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Paint starts to flow Finally

Well after a couple of weeks of just looking at my preliminary sketches, I finally put brush to palette and canvas. Have been feeling very tired of late, with no energy to feel inspiration.The heat and humidity of the sub-tropical build up, which was early again, has sapped my little available energy.
So yesterday I got going. Learning to use acrylics will take me a while on a canvas of this size, makes me want to use oils, just to have a longer working time,before the paint dries. At least for the broad areas like the sky, it's hard to get the colour down and achieve the right graduation from dark to light or vice versa. Lucky we have some wonderful clouds to paint in it's fore-sky, in this region. I am often taking photos of the amazing formations I see as we drive around the caldera.

Will have to do a canvas of sky, with the wispy clouds I wanted in this one, painted them out as they need more room to properly fit in a sky, along with the lower altitude heavier clouds .

But slowly I'm getting there. Can't start the rest til I get the sky almost right. Feeling happy with the clouds. Might have to just feature the Thunder-head clouds that we've been seeing lately.

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