Saturday, October 11, 2008

Second Sunday of the Month

Hi there,
sorry if you tried to visit my shop today, it is temporarily 'on vacation' from cyber world, while I give all the hats an outing to The Channon market, in Northern NSW.
They don't get out very often these days, and they do enjoy meeting new people! 'Tho, sometimes they like someone so much, they decide it's time to leave home, and journey 'off' into the big wide world.
This is where they will spend the day, watching all the people having fun at The Rainbow Chai Tent, while I serve Chai and wash,wash, wash lots of mugs.

We will all be back here on-line on Monday morning, sometime later in the day, as we recover from the 'mini-festival' that the Chai tent creates. We don't get packed up til 10 or 11 0'clock at night. It's a big job.

Please have a look at my work on Flickr till we get back

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Kylie B said...

Oh wow looks fantastic!