Friday, October 3, 2008

Back to Painting

Well I have started work on an old Work In Progress. In late '95 I sat up on the edge of a cliff on a local landmark called Brummies Lookout, and sketched a 180 Degree view, on 4 sheets of thick paper. I took them back up in 2000, when I joined my mother's walking group, and found that in 5 years the tree line on the skyline of the mountain had grown somewhat.
On Tuesday we took a friend up there, in her 4WD and walked up the short but steep and very rocky ridge, and the tip of Mt Warning is nearly not visible behind the even taller trees. It was great returning with a digital camera, to be able to take photo field notes to add to my 'in-field' sketch notes, and use them to correct my on-site 'stretching' that can happen when trying to record directly from the Landscape.
Re-inspired I set to yesterday and worked with the photos , editing them and balancing them, and changing the contrast on some to focus on a specific ridge. I was able to 'see' my mistakes, and make a small sketch with corrections on a scaled down thumbnail, from the 20" x 60" canvas I purchased back in Feb.

I've even made a plastic sleeve with an over-laying graph to help translate the basic layout onto the canvas.
Went to start work today, but it was not to be what with interruptions from my sister and her long-windedness, and an extremely hot day where it's hard to feel like doing anything. But hey thats OK, maybe tomorrow will be more suitable

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