Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flood Relief AppealShop

Being a member of DUST, the Down Under Street Team, I got involved in helping set up a online shop on Etsy, the Australian Disaster Flood Appeal Shop.

At first I just volunteered to make a shop banner and Avatar for the shop for Manda of 'City Kitten'  who has taken on the role of chief co-ordinator of the whole shop.

 I soon found myself quite busy helping out with the 'flood' of enquiries about how people could donate items from their shops of handmade or vintage shops.

So far over 226 shops have donated wonderful things for people to buy, with 100 of the money (less Etsy's  and Paypals fees), to go to The Queensland Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal

In 4 days the shop has had 310 sales, with a tally of US$3541.68 to date.

We have 256 still listed for sale, with more being listed daily by a small team of **Listing Fairies**.

Please support the shop, as it gives everyone a sense of being able to help those in need, by donating something personal that they have made, particularly those who can't afford to donate cash.

The shop has had Donations from the US, Slovenia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Germany, Britain......

Monday, January 17, 2011

....a Land of Flooding Rains

This weeks devastating floods have affected so many people.

We hear about some of the loss but some people just accept the loss, and don't make too much of it.

Yesterday as we went about our normal market at Byron Bay serving Chai to the community,
 our dear friend Lewis, calmly replies to Liffy's question, "so how have things Been lately ?" with .......

"Oh I lost my house and 2 jeeps"

Someone rang him during the devastating flood of water that tore thru the Tabulum area, Lewis asked him "How's my place, can you see my place?"
"No says the friend,  it's just all water!"

Lewis, tells us that normally the creek is 150 metres below a cliff !  His house was torn off it's stumps, and "went turtle-ing down the creek", he jokes.

My mum Liffy, asks him, were you insured , ....what are you going to do... etc

Lewis smiles and says " Aaaaah...  I'll go and live in a cave "
This strong and proud man is  Uncle Lewis Walker
The Keeper of Bunjalung Country.

He is the last man to walk through the old song lines and story lines and corrobaree grounds and still doing it today.

He is a warrior who believes in the oneness of All Universal Spirit. He is teacher to those who are willing to learn about the pearly fruits that will heal those who thirst for healing upon the Sacred Land that we walk upon.

He recognizes and lives the truth that we all come from the spiritual enlightenment.

He is a wise storyteller, a cultural reclamation leader, a unifying force between separated peoples, a healer, lover of all beings.

Uncle Lewis teaches us to feel and think with our hearts about the inner sacredness contained within everything.

Uncle Lewis believes that the children and the elders are to be treasured, respected, learned from and taught to be what they really are shining like the morning star.
The First Light People!
He leads groups of people on walkabouts to discover the true wealth of this world, that which is given by the Creator.
If you are interested in having this kind of experience, please feel free to contact Sky at skyhemp.gmail.com

Lewis is an acclaimed artist, with large paintings selling for upwards of $5,000
Some of his Bunjalung Dreaming Drawings can be viewed here

Lewis spoke 13 languages by the age of 14, when he came out to the white world, and learnt to speak english.

We had a brief first meeting at the market yesterday, to begin organising, the recommencement of the annual dancing of the Rainbow Corroborree.

This corroborree, was meant to be Danced every year, it hasn't happened or many years.
Lewis first heard about it 30 years ago, and is determind for it to be Revived.

A small team will begin to organise 3 events in 2011, in preparation for a large Rainbow Corroborree in Central Australia in 2012
Julinbah Yowarl

Lewis's house was near Tabulam, which  is a rural village in the far north east of New South Wales, Australia, 800km from the state capital, Sydney. Tabulam is located on the Bruxner Highway (Highway 44) between Tenterfield and Casino and on the Clarence River.
Tabulam is a picturesque village and its position on the northern catchment of Australia's most voluminous river affords it geographical and environmental significance. According to the 2006 Census, there were 573 people living in Tabulam. Tabulam is locally administered by Kyogle Council.


The name Tabulam is derived from Bundjalung Dahbalam..


Originally, Tabulam and the surrounding farm and bushland was inhabited by Bundjalung Aboriginals. The land was first settled by Europeans in 1839.