Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flood Relief AppealShop

Being a member of DUST, the Down Under Street Team, I got involved in helping set up a online shop on Etsy, the Australian Disaster Flood Appeal Shop.

At first I just volunteered to make a shop banner and Avatar for the shop for Manda of 'City Kitten'  who has taken on the role of chief co-ordinator of the whole shop.

 I soon found myself quite busy helping out with the 'flood' of enquiries about how people could donate items from their shops of handmade or vintage shops.

So far over 226 shops have donated wonderful things for people to buy, with 100 of the money (less Etsy's  and Paypals fees), to go to The Queensland Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal

In 4 days the shop has had 310 sales, with a tally of US$3541.68 to date.

We have 256 still listed for sale, with more being listed daily by a small team of **Listing Fairies**.

Please support the shop, as it gives everyone a sense of being able to help those in need, by donating something personal that they have made, particularly those who can't afford to donate cash.

The shop has had Donations from the US, Slovenia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Germany, Britain......

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