Friday, May 27, 2011

Beaniefest time again

Aaaah I have finally sent off my 12 hats for this years Alice Springs Beaniefest.
The theme is 'In our element - Earth, Air, Fire and Water'

I have had much fun creating my two exhibition competition hats which I will post pix of soon.

Just getting the 12 hats detailed and hung with their swing tags, their details written onto entry form and swing tag, took me most of the day, and then I had to drive 25 kms into town to get the box into the mail, for slow post.

I had weighed and priced the box the day before at my local PO and it was just over the 1kg, which meant it would be cubed and priced accordingly, we cut a bit more off the cardboard box, but it still had 50gms extra. Local PO worker said it'd be OK.

Today with the 5kg express bag  full with the above 10 hats sealed inside, I had to open the box and take out one competition hat and send it in a separate tough bag, as "It would be fraud" said the PO worker, ( in larger town), when I asked if she could just let it thru.  No you'd have to pay $28.74  (an extra $15.68 ) than the stamps I already had on it.
Buying an extra tough bag and postage came to $5.40

Yay they're off at last and on their way ! I won't be able to make it out there in person again this year,  :(  ......but,    maybe next year I'll get back out to the Amazing Alice Springs Beaniefest !

It is an incredible feast of Colour and Yarns

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Anonymous said...

Good luck, Meg - your beanies are happiness itself....