Monday, May 30, 2011

Stand in the Sand

 Nearly 3,000 people Stood Together In The Sand (STITS) on Byron Bay's Main Beach yesterday May 29th, followed an hour later with nearly 3,000 down at Austinmer Beach in the Illawarra to form the words "Stop Coal Seam Gas!".

I'm Standing with my Rainbow Sun Umbrella and two yellow Lock The Gate Triangles
The weather turned on another specky array for us like the 3,000 strong rally in Murwillumbah on 14th May, where we had a Rainbow Corona high in the Ice Crystal Cloud honour our presence below.

We had an amazing build up of tumultous mushrooming, towering clouds as we drove down from Tyalgum in a quite 'cool' morning, with rain predicted for sometime later.....

The Clouds held back, out over the Ocean allowing all to enjoy a glorious Northern Rivers autumn day ....and only came in over land for an afternoon/evening torrential downpour !! We were so lucky ! This morning it's grey and drippy wet again, out here in the hills

I didn't have my camera as the battery charger for it is dying, waiting for a 2nd hand DSLR to arrive in the post any day now .....(fingers crossed) these are photos from the plane or helicopter and Michael Mc of NRG....the Northern Rivers Guardians.

And another from Ashley, who got the Byron STITS going after hearing about the Illarwarra one on Austinmer Beach near Woolongong.....

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