Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Heart of Arts

Well ..... what has been happening in my artistic life lately ....?
Not much in the way of creations, as I struggle to find energy within, to complete the re-organisation of my studio, which is much smaller than my old warehouse in North Melbourne....... aaaah ......(dreams of all that space .....!)
Yet it is far bigger than a camper van or little bus ! So I can't complain.

I just wake up exhausted each morning, despite how much sleep I get, and many days never seem to pick up, so it's hard to even start to feel creative.

I am way behind on the last few finishing off jobs on the bus also. Soon it will be able to be parked under cover, when a new carport and back veranda roof are added onto the shed.
This will help me in the studio, as it will allow me to devote areas for each type of artistic work, and utilise the outside without the searing sun making it way too hot.

Every Wednesday I am now looking after the Heart of Arts Gallery Shop, in Murwillumbah, which has moved into being a Co-Op and I have finally begun putting my hats and shirts in here.
It is helping me to feel more inspired about getting back into creating work again.