Monday, April 22, 2013

Back to Blog Week

Testing Testing Testing ..... I can  finally post in here again !! after a long spell where none of my posts would publish ??

I had decided to overhaul my blog, or start a fresh one and saved all the old posts etc to copy the important ones to new blog.....then I also decided to try a new format with this one when I couldn't actually re-post into the new blog ( nothing would publish!) 

Then I couldn't access my blog .....  I had to make new passwords, forgot the new passwords? or they/something wouldn't work??  Aiiieeeh ! it was an online nightmare, nothing I tried worked, so I have just left it by the by.....

Today a friend has returned to writing in her blog after along break after being 'blog bullied', and so I made a comment, went to post it,got directed to Log In, typed in new password, it 'Worked' this time ! ....lost the comment posted on friend's blog!   .......  but found out I have access back in here ! ........(fingers crossed)  


Hellena Post said...

yay! Glad you're back :)

ArtNomadix said...

Yes so am I ....turns out my comment didn't get lost in the ether after all ..... weird hehe

Still can't log in to my newer blog to see if that will allow me to post in there yet ..... will try some more trix