Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunrise Silhouettes

Nothing could be cuter than a newborn in a stunning sunrise silhouette shirt, or could there......???

What about an 80 year old bear rock and tree climbing in a sunrise shirt .......

Check out 'Bobby' he is just as active as my 79 year old mother, who inherited this bear from a neighbour after he died at a tragically young age.

Both the shirts are available from my etsy shop and are 'On Sale' for the month of January, as part of the DUST Team's Brand New sale


Anonymous said...

Bobby is adorable... hope I'm as active when I reach that ripe old age - good luck with the sale

jenny said...

I love to see this cute teddy bear. My daughter have three teddy bear, sometimes she keep talking and playing with it too. Thanks..
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Jasmine said...

I love this. nature is the best backdrop for our art isn't it? I think I'm going to have to follow for a while. Thought you may find this link useful.