Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Warning Sunrise Mists Arising

Took the plunge, and got out the other large canvas that has been staring at me for over a year saying, "So what are you going to paint on me ? Huh !"

Again I am deviating from the true colours of my original painting....but since I began painting, (the original) just after sunrise, and didn't finish till 11:30 am, the colours and shadows changed all the time. As the sun moved up I gradually was able to distinguish all the ridges of the inner caldera ring that earlier were lost in a darker haze.
Speaking of haze.....I now have a good 'hazy' photo of the stage before this pic above, that I took as a photo doco of the painting progress, forgetting the camera was still set on Macro (found an amazing Funky Forest of Fungi just after sunrise this morning!!)

I normally don't start 'blocking in the horizon until I've sorted out the sky, but as I was cleaning up my pallette container, I mixed up all the shades of green,brown, and black on a bed of dried blues, and loved the dusky shade of Turquoise that appeared....tipped off the excess water, and proceeded to use it to block in the mountain with it instead of just going with a more neutral greyish, which will be added in later I think.

This photo while a write off for my records, IS a reminder to try and keep the painting hazy with the morning misty brightness....Hmmmmm can I actually make this happen....

Then I had great fun painting in a glowing golden dawning sky, such as has awoken me on many of the mornings that I have camped at this glorious spot in our van over the years.
Having spent so many years painting what I saw, as it was, trying to recapture every detail in the landscape before me, it is quite invigorating/rerfeshing to 'allow' myself total freedom, in how I paint these memories onto canvas.

I'm liking the feeling of this painting so far, as I walk back into the studio, and see the glowing golden sky, it gives me a warm glowing feeling.....quite different from the original in small frame in middle, and the Brummies Lookout Panorama on the right.
Hmmm .....I wonder what that could look like painted in a free form colour sense, like the Blackbutt Lookout ones. ....Food for thought....and another canvas......Hope the shop gets another of same dimensions in soon, and I'll try that too.

Still have two canvasses that I stretched myself, still waiting to be begun, just can't quite decide which aspect of Warning it will be.
I seem to be do a series on the mountain.....I guess it has been a dream of mine for so long, and I am always taking pix of it these days with the digital as we drive around it.
They can't be allowed to build a dam in Byrrill Creek !!! It is too valuable a valley, both for it's wildlife (Koala Crossing), and residents homes and lives, not to mention the Tourism from scenic drives and walks !!!

What do you think? Any comments welcome.......


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