Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day AND Survival Day

Hi all,
yes it's That Day again, Australia Day January 26th, the day the Invasion of Australia began when the British Planted the Flag and claimed it for the Queen and Britain.

This is my mum, waving one of Benny Zable's flags down in Canberra a few years ago on January 26th,
in Garema Place before we all marched back to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.
Don't you love this flag !!

But despite it's dubious origins it is a day to celebrate Australia, and like many of my friends in the Australian Etsy street Team DUST (DownUnderStreetTeam)

Read the Storque Article about Australia's Dust Team Members  Here 

I am offering a Special Sale today only........I am offering to sell one of my 'Signature Beanies' The Sunset Silhouette' for a bargain price of $100.00

They have sold for $180.00 and recently in my etsy shop I have had it at $150.00

'Tho, since I actually donated this particular hat the other night to an Art Action at a Fundraiser for one of our Greens MLC Ian Cohen, (facing a $1M Court Costs, for calling a Developer a Bully and a Thug !!!)............

I think I will change the listing to this one instead also a sunset silhouette, but with a Whale playing in the southern Ocean off the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia,
Quite appropriate at this time with the Australian Protest of The Sea Shepherd in Antarctic Waters.

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