Sunday, February 7, 2010

From my niece's birthday to mine

From my Niece's birthday Jan 26th to mine, today 7th Feb, both of us always sharing the number of the year, ie. this year is a 5 year for both of us Hmmmmmmm What will a five year bring I wonder

Here is a sneak preview of my painting for my OWOH Giveaway , I finally have had some time, two days ago, on Friday afternoon after we had taken the bus into town to get a stunning facelift of new green paint. What a couple of weeks !! trying to get the final preparations done amid a heck of a lot of rain and humid weather.
So now the bus is gone and out of sight for a few weeks Yay !!!

And so I managed a weee bit of time to get started on my painting.
To join the OWOH Giveaway leave a comment on my second post about OWOH

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