Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not long til the Beaniefest

Well I've finished my two entries for the Beaniefst competition, and sent them off. Then a load of hats for Beanie Central, the largest sale venue of beanies probably in the world. I even managed to write and send an artist's statement this year, which the past three years I haven't managed, but thanks to computers and printers,and being in a fixed abode, for a change, I am on top of things this year.
Soon I leave to make the long Journey to Alice Springs, travelling this time with my mother Liffy,who has missed the festival for the past two years, despite travelling to Central Australia both winters, yet just missing the festival weekend by a week or two.
I am still madly creating beanies as well as trying to complete a project, making a new table curtain for The Chai Tent's servery table. The old one is approximately 17 years old and becoming threadbare. So began preparing that today ready to paint the dyes on tomorrow, wash, dry, and sew up on Saturday, so I can take it to market on Sunday, giving it to Benny Zable to add in a Hand-painted Earth in the centre over the central Heart. Will I succeed in doing all that in that short time span ?????? Maybe, maybe not, but I'll sure give it a go.
Leaving on the 19th June and possibly away for 4 weeks. Doesn't look like we'll be going out to Uluru for the big gathering now unless brother Michael gets a belated invitation, and then we will and we won't be back til mid August or so.
That is when I'll finally get moving with my Etsy shop, now that I'm a little more computer literate and not so nomadic.
Well it's now Wednesday, I managed to paint, wash out, dry, and sew most off the new table curtain, but as the hour got late on Saturday night, I decided to take it, as was, which was the right decision, as having a test, for length, and height, was very important, as I'd bought fabric that wasn't quite the right length, or width. I had been going to add a thin strip to the top edge before sewing the 'Velcro' on to it. Checking it out on Sunday while we were setting up, showed me that all I needed to do was fold top edge over 1" and then sew velcro on it. It was the perfect height after all. The length needed two pieces of extra fabric added on before sewing the velcro on, which I've done today, tomorrow I'll paint in the Teacups, that now appear as funny shaped clouds, and Benny is going to paint an 'Earth' onto a separate piece of silk, that will get sewn on later down at Newcastle during the Students for Sustainability conference or the Climate Camp following, as he is heading down that way today.

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