Monday, January 5, 2009

Nimbin's Hippyfest'08'09

Old Years Day '08, a very hot humid day, became a beautiful balmy evening, without a hint of thunderstorms, of the preceding and following nights ! The main street of Nimbin was very quiet, the young had gone elsewhere for excitement, the older folk stayed out of town, except for a perfect quantity of happy smiling people, gathered in the Mingle Park behind The Nimbin Museum.

The Rainbow Chai Tent was set up by Michael, and created the colourful atmosphere to brighten up the area and cleanse the area of a brutal attack in the lane two nights earlier.

The evening began with a didge welcome by Robert Corowa and friend

followed by two young men from Tuntable Community, with a clever rap,

Next up were Al and Nerida the Patriarch and Matriarch of 'Earth Reggae',
currently without a band behind them, (Correction :"Tonight without a band behind/beside them", They actually have their three eldest kids as members of the band along with Ren Waterfall on Brass), as they have been and are, extremely busy with their seven kids, and all the extras, (friends of kids) , that like to call Al and Nerries place 'Home' too ! Nerida says they're thinking of offering workshops and music jams and events at their home, centrally located in the village of Nimbin , beside the community centres market stage.
See for purchasing wonderful CD's of 'Earth Reggae's excellent Australian Reggae
They got up and did an acoustic version of 'Aboriginal Land' and other Earth Reggae songs,with their youngest kids, plus friends eager to join in. After their set finished, Nerida told me that the music playing during the space between sets was actually their older kids, now playing the accompaniment !

Won't be long til we see the 'Earth Reggae Family Band' , playing alongside the 'Perch Creek Family Jug Band' another local family with seven kids, plus partners of the older ones. The tribe starts to grow bigger!

See for purchasing wonderful CD's of 'Earth Reggae's excellent Australian Reggae, with songs about caring, and conserving our precious planet and sovereignty for Indigenous Australians !

Next up were the inspiring duo Marcella and Chris, from 'Monkey and The Fish',

with their exceptional songs, that I just love to dance out the stories of, in mime. They nearly had some 'guest singers', until 'stagefright' over took one, instead they played some percussion, and changed places with two others mid way thru the song 'For the Children'
The evening carried on with a new band ' New', who got all the others up for a good dance

All, ably mixed by Bo Kaan, in the Kombi sound van, he worked all thru the heat of the humid day getting everything set up and ready for the evening
The New Year was heralded in by a small drumming circle, a few fireworks in the main street and a guided meditation, and we all drank lots of chai both hot and iced, and iced Turkish mint drink, and ate luscious cakes, made by Michael, the gluten free Chocolate Hazelnut Meal, and the Orange Almond Meal, and the vegan Orange Poppyseed and the Decadent Chocolate with Everything !

A wonderfully Good night was had by all with donations gathered, to pay the musicians and Sound man and contribute to the Chai set up. Even the local Police Woman came down to congratulate organisers, on such a Peaceful, and Good Event !!

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Chrisy said...

I really enjoyed reading this post...felt as if I was there!...I like the way you put in all the details...and the photos go so well with them...a great way to start the year down in your part of the world!