Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Studio nearly Sorted, ready for easy use, Work can Now really, Get Under way, Down Under

Wow ! thought I had sorted out, my new shelf, the other day , but I'm still fine tuning the sorting process.
Certain things need to be with the others of their kind, everything in it's place, and semi visible, so I know where it is and can also 'see' it, to realise it's best useage, or remember that I actually have it, to use !!!!

Life in the traveling bus was the same I had all my balls of yarn in plastic zip up bags, to contain them, yet allow me to view the contents easily.

Things are beginning to look organised and ready for my new creative surge, which I am prepping up, pumping up, trying to zap myself into gear, after this year or more of depleted health, trying to drag me under......

.....But "I come from a Land Down Under............where women glow, and paint Rainbows....."

Sooooooo...... I Will Suceed !

I have started my Competition Hat for 2009, I have sorted most of my wool, LoL, (still 3 plastic zip bags that need some big baskets to be found at Tip or Opp Shops), thought I had a lovely basket at the Tip Shop, last Wednesday. It was sittimg on the front counter , and I picked it up, only to be told that a woman still down the back had put it there to buy. We were there for ages, and the basket was still there even after all the other women , who were there when I arrived, had gone.
I was still eyeing it off, drooling over it in fact, as it was such a good size. Was just telling a friend we had met there, about it and went to show her, and it had been put below the counter, out of sight !!!
As we were just leaving I said hi to a Market Stall aquaintance, a woman who sells second hand items, just arriving, and suddenly it 'clicked', the basket I desired was being held for her to re-sell !!!!! , Hmmmmph !


Natalia said...

You've got yourself very organised here! I need to do that too!

ArtNomadix said...

Getting there, need to go to the Tip Shop again, maybe tomorrow, I'd love to find a shallow tall Pigeon Hole Shelf, and I'd love a manequin, and .....and.....and....
But yes organised feels good, makes you feel ready to be creative, and get stuck into new work.
I find I NEED to clean and sort, before I can work.

Ruby-Jo said...

Doesn't it feel good to have everything sorted? My workroom is a mess, I have just started culling stuff that I haven't used in a while to make some more room.