Saturday, March 27, 2010

Works In Progress for Fibre Exhibition

Well what has been happening in my messy studio lately ?  

I recently learnt that the annual fibre exhibition at Blue Knob Hall Gallery is happening in April this year, so I have until April 11 to get my pieces ready, and since I haven't been being very productive lately, I must get working quickly.

This piece above is a fibre collage,using some 'found' crochet circles, the crown of someones felted hat wip, also found, and one of my first pieces of 'scrumbling'.
I am Needle Felting these together, and have crocheted round the edge, with still more to come.
I began with the idea of a shoulder wrap, but am thinking it may become a Cumerbund. I am working a pocket or two into it and will sew on quite a few buttons, to enable it to be worn many ways

Next I began working on a bag that I also found.....a very plain crocheted bag in pale light blue, which I am revamping with Needle Felting. 
I have attached a  NF piece made late last year, and left the inside open so it became a pocket.

I am currently adding some more internal pockets from some pieces of a 'fulled' shrunken jumper, and will join the back one to the lid of the first pocket outside, giving the bag  a very sculptural shape. I think I will have to hand sew these into place. 

Next I have begun work on a Felt painting, a seascape, that may be sewn onto either a bag or a cushion cover, I am not sure yet

  This is just the first stage of this piece, and I will embellish lots more detail in the coming days, some with the sewing machine some by more needle-felting.

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