Monday, January 9, 2012

35Degrees Centigrade and Rising

...well ... I am resting today !! .... it's over 36 degreesC  here, (97F) and I've only just bought the thermometer outside  and the mercury is rising ('twas 35 as I brought it from inside 2 minutes ago.........
'tis so hot I forgot what I went inside to get ......and just got the camera'/puter cable to start doing pix from saturday and yesterday ........
a while ago the breeze from the fan 6 feet away seemed to stop !! .... I think the air just got tooo thick for a tad .....?
37 already ..... it feels like it is over 40 ! I bet it is out in the sun ..... it'd have to be !!
Came home early from The Channon market yesterday  

as soon as cars could move thru the packing stallholders, and as the drummers and dancers were just getting going at The Chai Tent ........ where Amanda (Blossum) has garlanded everyone with Marigolds !(had to drive home in the hot westerly sun !! 'tho !

Our Art Cafe went Brilliantly and everyone was most impressed 
...... we gained an active new member who learnt to make Toasted Foccacias and has delegated herself 'publicity officer' !! hehe 

We'll be getting her to send an invitation to the CEO of DreamWorld,to our next ArtCafe,    He/she Flew down to Tyalgum in 3 Jet Helicopters for lunch at Flutterbies Cafe !!!  ....landing and taking off out the front of hall beside the Tyalgum Cricket match ! 'Twas all on in Tyalgum ! (our sleepy little village )
37.5 now ! and rising
Thought I post my chat comment from over in our DUST forum thread as 
seem to be writing in there than ever posting in here ...... just about to
'process' my recent photos  and then I'll maybe add them in here too 
it got to 38 and dropped back to 37 ...... 'tho I hopped into the cooling
overhead waterfall of my new outside/undercover shower several times as it
rose and fell
Put thermometer out into the dappled shade for a short while and just
checked it 41C.. (103F)

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