Sunday, April 23, 2017

Return to Blogging

Thanks to the Brain Fog that fogs my memory, and thanks to the Mercury Toxicity that has caused my foggy brain, along with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) .... I have been locked out from accessing this blog. I thought I'd make a new one, ages ago, with a more modern appearance and pages etc. Tried to import the stories from this one over to the new one, but never seemed to be able to complete the process, and then I could never work out why I couldn't even access the first one ???!!! I began to stop posting stories into the new blog, one spot shows only 4 posts, another shows 12 ?  Do I have 2 'new' blogs ? I'll have to go check that I suppose.
Spent several attempts every so often, to re-enter the first blog and once two years ago, I managed to work out the different sign in requirements, but it had taken so long, I promptly forgot How I had actually achieved the result ... go figure ?

Today, I tried again, going round and round in circles ! and having a spam page  repeatedly taking over my blog page, before I could even click on Sign In or Sign Out.    I nearly gave up as I so often have done, when I have tried in recent months.

So now I shall record how I finally gained access, and attempt to Return to Blogging .....

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