Sunday, March 23, 2008

...and She's Off and ...Crocheting ...Again !!!

It's only been two months since I started my last hat, whilst sitting in the waiting room of the Tweed Heads Fracture clinic, for my mother's broken arm. While out of plaster, for weeks now, she still doesn't have full use of her hand yet , asher wrist and fingers 'froze' while encasesd, and we have been off and into town (25 kms away) and Tweed Heads (50 kms away) 3 or 4 times a week, so adding up the return journeys, I've been behind the wheel, on these very winding, but scenic roads, quite a lot of late. The rest of the time has been taken overby this here computer.

Learning stuff, meeting new fellow crocheter's, and soon opening my first Etsy that I have recently puchased a new digital camera, and recommenced taking pix of current work.

Today we got out, I left the computer, and took my trusty basket of wool with me to our local music venue, (on the other side of the mountain) Sphinx Rock Cafe, for a rain free afternoon of music and friends. With my trusty, better than the old camera, I took pix of WIP as I recommenced this fourth or fifth in a series of earthy tones and autumn colours.

So good to get back into work, as I begin to realise it's not that long to the Beaniefest again . Haven't yet made a start on my competition entries yet, although I have given them some thought! Need to make a lot to sell out there again this year as our bus has a broken gearbox along with some other major ailments that need attending to. Lucky we are safely 'stuck here at 'Mystic Lakes' in the lush volcanic caldera of Wollumbin, and not 'stuck' on the side of some highway, in Outback Queensland, trying to sell our wares to the passing few, to buy and fit new gearbox ASAP !
OK, enough for now," to bed, to bed," said Fred

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