Friday, April 25, 2008

"Urban Excavation Effect"

Well having begun my own "Urban Excavation Effect" project a few weeks ago, by cleaning out my bus's nooks and crannies, and beginning to crochet them into an "Urban Excavation Creation", to maybe enter in this years Beaniefest competition, or 'Winter Warmers'comp. I was amazed to Flickr-meet Wooldancer, aka Michelle, with this wonderful concept. see
I've also just applied to join a local recycling group, an on-line group that posts 'things' they need to 're-house', sharing what we don't need anymore, and possibly finding that, which we do need now!

How I love all this networking that's possible these days. Why has it taken me so long to get Computer-wise/literate/Co-Nected ????
So here are some pix of my 'Finds' and what I have begun..........

Sorry about the weird layout, got a bit to learn about loading photos, or which layout to use and when, but I guess this is creative! Where will my project go next?????

Will I get back in to this one now, or finish the latest sunset silhouette that was started back in January, and re-started today, finishing the orange and yellow areas, ready to begin the black rolled brim.

I've found some more 'stuff' for it and taken new pix of the growing 'stash' of 'stuff', maybe I'll re-size them and then load them first. well thought I'd worked out which format to use for photos But No, think again! Stretched the photo of stuff to re-locate the text back to where it was originally.

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wooldancer said...

a fantastic "Urban Excavation Re-Creation"! i especially love your repurposed cassette & ear-plug features on this hat.. I have been carding fiber batts for handspinning with cassette tape in them lately.. we must be cos-net sharing some old tunes :) I hope to see you at the beanie-fest.