Thursday, February 12, 2009

Black Saturday 'Mega Fire Storm' 7th February 2009

Well my 7x7th birthday has gone done in history as a 'Black Day' in Australia, So many people caught out in an horrific, devastating, unbelievably fast Mega Fire Storm of an unprecedented Bush Fire.

In another life I may have settled in the region of Kinglake and St Andrews, as so many of my friends have done.

I still don't know how many have survived, and how many are now 'Gone' ! I have heard a few stories of amazing survival, seen a few on the news coverage, and learnt of the death of two dear artist friends, actor Reg Evans, and his beautiful artist partner Angela, who I used to enjoy chatting with at St Andrews market, where I began my Living Rainbows Stall and began selling my Gumnut Pixie Hats.

I fear for Murray and Oku and their beautiful daughter Mahli, in Kinglake, I fear for Martin Carter and his family in Dixon's Creek, I 've heard Hannah Sky is safe, having lost her house in Steels Creek, Bob Brewster and his lovely wife , survived in the concrete cellar, beneath their 3 storey house above in Kinglake West, I saw fellow stall holders, jewllers Michael and Megan amongst those left standing in Kinglake Central, but there are so many others who I know nothing about as yet.

How did my dear friend Deborah Woods and her son Jarrah fare, do they still live along the Toolangi Rd ?
And all those friends, customers, and acquaintances, that I know from St Andrews Market yet have know idea in which valley, or ridge they live in, or lived in, past tense!

Tonight there is an Telethon Appeal Concert in progress and in the first 47 minutes, the Red Cross donation tally has jumped by 1. 7 something Million Dollars ! How amazing is that !

In 4 or 5 days the amount has just been incredible 56 Million

Now it's $60,235,888.00 at 20:53 pm !!!!

And now at the end of the night the Telethon total has reached a staggering $19 Million.
Not sure what the grand total is, yet, but how amazing is that

Our Etsy Down Under Street Team DUST,
has created a special on line sale shop OzBushfire Appeal
created on Sunday 8th Feb and it already has had 208 sales, and raised over $35oo as of earlier today,I don't know what the actual tally is at present.

Here is a link to some survivors stories, just out, just to give a fragment of the picture.

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