Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slideshow of some of my hats

Click on this cute photo of Rosie the Gumnut Pixie to be linked to a set of my Flickr Pix, Click full screen expander icon lower right corner, move the cusror away, .................put some nice music on......... and sit back and enjoy.
To get back to Flickr page press the ESCape key on your keyboard, top left


Chrisy said...

The pics are fabulous...and Rosie...well she's just a treasure..

ArtNomadix said...

Thank you, yes isn't Rosie a treasure ! She used to come and chat to me as I packed up my 'Living Rainbows' stall at the St Andrews Market on Saturdays, and just happened by as I was trying to photograph that hat before it was sold, I asked would she model it for me and she then sat very still, smiled cutely and has captured peoples hearts for years.