Thursday, April 2, 2009

Aussie Autumn SALE

Well now it's April, and the start of the Etsy DUST Team's Aussie Autumn Sale. This theme, has given me the added incentive to actually finish a hat I started ages ago in the Heat and Humidity of February or March.

On Monday I finished it off, then made two more slightly quicker hats, as the rain poured down unceasingly. Perfect weather to crochet in.Today the rain is back again and we hear that the creeks are rising rapidly. If it keeps up overnight and tomorrow, we could see Floods in the lower Tweed valley like last year.

This one I have called Shades of Autumn

Three hats, very different to each other, that will hopefully appeal, to three very different people.

This one I have called Autumn Bee Hive, as it somehow reminds me of Bees

This one I like , for it's rich vibrant Amber Burnt Orange colour. It has ear flaps , that keep the ears and side of cheeks nice and snuggly warm, on even the coldest days.
For those of you who have not seen and held one of my hats in Real Life, they are very thick, tightly crocheted work often using double yarn to create a dense fabric that the wind does not penetrate thru.

Click to see the DUSTers Aussie Autumn Sale

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