Friday, April 17, 2009

Kimberley Wilderness Threatened !!! Wilderness is Precious !!

People of Australia and the World, Please Stand Up and Speak Out Against this atrocity about to occur.

Watch these videos and write a letter to those who need to hear from US as we are SOMEONE.

I am sickened and appalled at the recent announcement of the Green Light being given to the LNG Gas Processing Precinct, and DeepWater Port , with it's 5 km Jetty !
The local Indigenous Community were forced into agreeing, by 'Blackmail' by a White/Puppet/Premier and Those Evil/Greedy/Wielders of Power, who control our Governments !

They were told we'll give you better Health Services, Better Housing, Better Education for your Children......ALL things that should be theirs anyway, and are the NORM for Australians in the non remote areas !

And if they didn't agree " We'll just Purchase it 'Compulsorily'" ,*(and you won't get as much then)*

The Kimberley has been Named as One of The Last Remaining Wilderness Areas in the WORLD !

An industrial deepwater port at James Price Point,will open the Kimberley to Large Scale Industry, the export of minerals including Uranium, and Strip Mining of Bauxite on the Mitchell Plateau !!!

Wilderness is Precious

16,000 individuals, the World's Largest Population of Humpback Whales return HOME every year, to mate and give birth in their sheltered warm water Maternity Wards, after making their 13,000 km journey to the Antarctica to feed.
The entire coast from Broome to Cassini Island is considered to be a whale calving area.
Camden Sound is the main maternity ward for the Humpbacks.
At 292km Montgomery Reef is Australia's Largest Inshore Reef, and subject to a Mining Exploration Tenement.

The Kimberley also has the highest diversity of coral species of any area in Western Australia.

We need real and urgent protection for our
wildlife and the Kimberley Coast

In the form of Marine Protected Areas, and a Whale Sanctuary

The Liberal Government of Western Australia, intends to push ahead with legislation to give the premier the sole power to approve industrial projects.

Industrial shipping noise affects the cow and calf's ability to communicate.
In the US, a third of all Right Whale deaths are caused by shipstrikes.

We already have an industry that is totally sustainable.......Tourism

Whale Watching worldwide is worth $1.54 billion per year and over $45 million in Western Australia alone

Wilderness is Precious

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