Monday, June 22, 2009

Hyperbolic Crochet and Anti Rally Protests

Wow where does Time Go ? I knew it was quite a while since my last blogpost, but April 16th ! Where did May go ?

I have been very busy lately, with many things, I have neglected this blog, and I have not been very active with my Etsy shop or our DUST (Down Under Street Team) Forums either.

I have been made a moderator and admin on our two Anti Rally groups (Yahoo and Ning), and seem to spend lots of time doing lots, of both online and offline 'stuff', for the 'No Rally Group', or NRG Warriors as we are also affectionately called.

I have also been busy crocheting and needle felting...
( and dreaming about trying to 'fix the cardboard rally cars by finding the photos of them on the PC and Needle-Felting them !! ) How Bizarre can your dreams get !

Getting two competition hats and 10 hats ready the Alice Springs Beaniefest and sent off

Finishing and devising my After the Firestorm Hat, for the 'Fibble Fabble Fibre' Exhibition at a local gallery, along with several other pieces and more on sale in the attached shop.

This 'After The Fire Storm' Hat was inspired by the images broadcast around the country and world during the horrific Mega Firestorm in Victoria in February 09, (Trees left standing ,unburnt amidst devastation, Blackened trees on a ground of Ash, Huge clouds of roiling smoke(need to take more photos over at the gallery soon to show the final fluffier smoke), in front of the massive wall of flames, and very Thirsty Koalas.)

We had members of the Tyalgum Women's Group painting these cardboard cars, what fun, it was like 'Play School'

We got over 300 people, mid afternoon on a weekday ! I made this hood/poncho to be worn with one of the plastic Roo masks, with paws and tail from a scrap of material I found at local Tip Shop.
See here for a short video of out Street Theatre
Now for a bit of light relief I have been having lots of crocheting fun making Hyperbolic Coral Reef piecesto send down to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, to contribute to the Australian Branch of the now worldwide Hyperbolic Coral Reef Installations.
First started by the Australian born Werthiem sisters, Christine and Margaret, who live in NewYork, to high light the plight of the worlds Coral Reefs, The Institute for Figuring has spread the artform of Hyperbolic Crocheting, far and wide.

Learnt yesterday a wonderful easy 'trick' to cut plastic bags into 'Plarn' I had used some last year by laboriously cutting up old plastic rain ponchos, but to receive an email from a fellow Etsy Trashionista with the YouTube link was so timely , as plarn is the most suitable yarn for Coral !! It has a wonderful sculptural rigidity, and the florescent translucence that you see when swimming above Coral. Reminding me of Ningaloo Reef Aaaah !


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just love your coral reef pieces - so much so I've linked your site from my blog - hope that's OK let me know if not - Renate

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