Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beaniefest Competition Hat Work in Progress

Just realised that I haven't uploaded any photos of one of my major Works in Progress.....It has been put 'On Hold' for the the past month or so as I had to make something new for the Fibre Exhibition......and also for the next part, to 'Gell' into my creativity....

How to achieve the results I envisage ......???????    Hmmmm that is/was the question.  I think, I have now acquired the right materials, and the other night, lying awake while I was sick; I began visualizing the next steps.....

But first I have to document what I have already begun

My starting concept for the  Beaniefest's 2010 theme, 'A Head Full of Love'
An all encompassing umbrella over Australia and the World.

So ....How to 'Realise' the Creation of this ???

An Umbrella Frame ..???? 

No....Not quite working after all.....maybe this will work ........

Aaaaah ....Yes, much better, and it was even raining when I was making it !! lol

And Then ........for quite a radical change in design, as I realised that my umbrella stand would sit too high, I decided that a small earth would/might be better.......Hmmmmm we'll see further down the track if my ideas actually work out ......????? lol at the processes of a Mad Hatter Beaniologist !

Since this pic, I have added in a large Australia in Aboriginal Coloursand a swirling mass of clouds, which I think still need some working on. Maybe with the new blue tones Wool tops I recently found at gallery ......

This is where I am about to continue work, where the yarn finishes, Here I must begin to add in a row/round of tall forest trees, which will, (I hope), give support to the earth. She does tend to 'wobble' a bit if not nurtured and supported.
This I intend to achieve with the new wool tops and some floristry wire I found in the opp shop last week.

Mt Warning, one of my favourite mountains that I love dearly.
A Giant Scrub Turkey tending his nest, the Volcanic Caldera surrounding him.
Hopefully the mountain will be seen peeking thru a gap in the forest.....


OK until there is more to show, that is your sneak peek at one of my hats I must complete very soon, to enable me to send off to Alice Springs, early enough for it to travel by slower mail, as it will be in a box too large for the 3kg Express Bag.
Hmmm ....must check with the Post Office how long they expect it to take to get my Deadline for sending.....and really get 'stuck into' some work !!


Anonymous said...

Oh my... the Artist at work - how wonderful to see - your work is looking fabulous - as the saying goes... '1% inspiration, 99% perspiration...'

Karen said...

Wow, Artist at work alright :) This is going to be amazing xo

Megg said...

It's nearly finished I think, Just been working on it again tonight but will leave 'til morning to see if I really think it's finished or if I still need to add more to the brim ?
And will I add another needle felted landscape around the front side of brim, or is that overdoing it ? Hmmmmmm I'll sleep on it and see how fresh eyes see it !