Friday, June 25, 2010

Fingers Crossed and Wishing I was There !!

Well it's now Friday 25th June ( although it's only 1:15 am as I begin to write ).
For the past two days, my mind has been deeply focussed on a large room, in 'Alice' s Araluen Centre, where a hive of very busy women and men, scurry like Beaniologists can only do, creating Beanie Central, which last year had 6,000 Beanies in a Riot of Colour and Yarns. I love helping set up for the Worlds most Bizarre Festival of Beanies........even 'tho it can and does become 'Beanie-Bedlam' at times !!   lol

Today is the day they judge this years entries in the National/International Beanie Competition at the 14th Alice Springs BeanieFest. My fingers and toes are crossed,hoping the judges, will choose mine, amid all the other incredible masterpieces, there will  be there again, undoubtably  !

I realise I never got around to posting a follow up piece about the hat when it was finally finished, partly because in the busy final week of it's creation, I was journeying down to Buundi( Bondi Beach), with The Chai Tent (See Here for that story Part One), and in the busy-ness of that week I totally forgot to take any proper photos of it......(D'uh !!!  lol )

Luckily I did get a few more during it's mid-way point during Mardi Grass Festival at Nimbin, where I gave my hats a rare 'outing' at The Chai Tent.  ( See Here for that Story ).

And while giving the finished hat a final Needle-Felting prior to gently placing it in it's travelling post box, a beautiful young 6 year old girl Mirinda,

and her 8 year brother Lance, took some pix of my working on it, as we ate breakfast at a cafe on Bondi Beach, before we commenced our journey home.

It was wonderful to have it with me over the weekend, as the inspiration for this hat, has very strong connections to the Ceremony, Celebration, and Parliament of Sovereign Originals, that occurred that very special weekend. And yet, I only 'knew' of the gathering about 4 days before heading down to it !

I shall post this now, and go and edit photos which I have been too busy to do since I took them.  It will have to wait til after the Exhibition ends and the hat returns to me, to take some more detailed photos.




Anonymous said...

WOW! Meg, Amazing - what a lot work - good luck at the Beanie Fest

ArtNomadix said...

Thanks Renate, pity you can't make the DUST Conference,I was looking forward to be able to meet you.....