Monday, June 28, 2010

Beaniefest Special Mention

Well I didn't win a'Camel Trophy' (if they indeed do have them again this year).
but I did receive a 'Special Mention' with my hat in the Loveliest Madcap section, second to a 'Wild Thing Monster hat, by friend Louise Thackeray.

I still wish I could have been there this year, to see for myself the calibre of artistry, that whichever judges they choose to judge the event, failed to really see, (yet again).

Whilst glad to receive a Special Mention, I am almost 'offended'by the section.
I spent many many hours layering and adding fine detail working directly to the 'theme', (A head full of Love), and I am again totally bamboozled by the judges decisions. How can four people all agree on many of the 'winners' they chose ?

Why do they 'go for' the relatively boring ones, over those that really stand out with creativity.

Have a look at what I mean here

Fingers crossed for the People's Choice !!

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